What is trafficking?

Traffickers force, coerce and manipulate children into sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, slavery, criminal activities and forced marriage.

Trafficking is the movement of a child to be exploited for somebody else’s gain. These children are moved to the UK from many parts of the world. Some children are trafficked from around the UK. Some children are moved out of the UK. They are often moved away from their family and friends.

Trafficked children are usually too afraid to seek help and it is hard to remove them from the people exploiting them. They need intensive support to end the trafficking cycles they find themselves in and recover from their experiences.

Types of Trafficking:

Spotting trafficking in children requires professional curiosity - exploring every possible indicator of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, striving to understand what is happening to the child away from the obvious.

Trafficking in children is a hidden crime.  It is in the best interests of traffickers for their exploitation of children to go undetected.  Children need us to spot the signs and act fast to safeguard them.