About the NCTC

The National Counter Trafficking Centre was established in 2014. It is one of the few services in the UK to provide specialist support to children who have been trafficked.

Our vision is to ensure that all children identified as trafficked have access to the safety and support they need.

Increasing the identification of children who have been trafficked or who are at risk of being trafficked. 

Offering direct and indirect support to all children identified as trafficked and enabling their voices to be heard.  

Providing specialist child trafficking advice and guidance to professionals who work with children.

Contributing to building a strong evidence base that guides out work.

About the connection with Barnardo's

The National Counter Trafficking Centre is run by Barnardo’s, the biggest children’s charity in the UK.

Barnardo’s is helping hundreds of thousands of children, young people, parents, and carers across the UK.  

We don’t abandon children because of who they are or what they’ve done. We listen to them, fight for their rights and do whatever it takes to protect and support them – because we believe that all children have the right to a happy and healthy life.  

At a time when more young people need specialist help with complex issues like sexual abuse, mental health problems and serious violence, our work is more vital than ever. 

Times have changed and we've changed with them, but our belief in the potential of every child remains.

Where we currently work


Our ICTG Service covers
all of Wales/Cymru


Our ICTG Service covers
Greater Manchester
North Yorkshire
West Yorkshire


Our ICTG Service covers
East Midlands
West Midlands Combined Authorities
Gloucestershire (incl. Bristol)


Our ICTG Service covers
All London Boroughs


Our ICTG Service covers
Isle of Wight

And we work nationally

through our Guardianship Assessment Team, training packages, research and partnership work